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February, 2014

Getting Things Done -- For Doctors

GTD for Doctors I love Getting Things Done!  It really does help me to get things out of my head so I can concentrate on those that really matter.   Here are a few great articles on Getting Things Done specifically for ...

The Consequences of Running Windows XP

winxp-consequences So Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft in any way as of April 8, 2014.  That's next month.  If you are not planning to upgrade, here are some possible consequences:

When Managed Services May Not Be Right For Your Business

managed-services-not-for-you So you keep hearing about managed services.  You might have even talked to your IT company about it.   But do you REALLY need it?   Not every business does, you know.   Here are a few flags that having ...

Disaster Planning - How To Pay For It?

disaster-planning-business-continuity   So last month I shared about 3 things to consider when working to build your business from a disaster.    And I almost feel like I put the horse in front of the cart.   But not really. ...

Top Social Media Shares - January 2014

ACS Top Social Media   Is social media one of the places you go to learn more about running your business?   Are you following ACS?  If not, you are missing out on some of the best advice from around the web to help ...

The Quickest Excel Tip EVER!

excel-auto-sum-shortcut   This shortcut has honestly made me twice as productive and it's as simple as can be.  To quickly add a column of numbers, put your cursor in the cell where you want the answer to be and press ALT ...

Why You Should Pay for Managed Services When You Have an IT Staff

managed-services-IT-staff When we tell people what we do, we frequently hear that they have IT people on staff -- why would they need to pay us, too?   Here are 3 reasons to pay for managed services even if you have ...

How Important is it That Your IT Company Goes to Conferences?

conferences-matter So as LegalTech NY starts today, I was wondering...









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