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Why You Should Pay for Managed Services When You Have an IT Staff


managed-services-IT-staff When we tell people what we do, we frequently hear that they have IT people on staff -- why would they need to pay us, too?   Here are 3 reasons to pay for managed services even if you have an IT staff.

Quick Response

When your IT guy is not up to his neck in a past-due IT maintenance project, the computers will go down less often.   Then when something DOES cause computer downtime, he can quickly respond to help and questions for those in your office.  Instead of paying your office manager to run errands for something to do, your IT guy can quickly come over to help her get back to work.

Proactive Monitoring

With managed services, you can be notified of red flags before they become full-fledged problems.  Viruses?  Caught before they take down every computer in the company.   Failing hard drives?   Replaced before they cause employee downtime.   Full hard drive?  Imaged and reinstalled before it causes errors.    And depending on your MSP, you might be able to have your staff guy do the grunt work if he's between projects.

Revenue Generation

By having your IT guy removed from the tedious day to day IT maintenance frees him up to work on revenue generating projects.   A new website.   Improving office flow with implementation of a new CRM.   A company app.    Whatever his skill set includes that can make the company more revenue can become a reality.   How have you successfully utilized your IT staff while bring on an MSP for day-to-day maintenance?  




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