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Disaster Planning - What to Consider First?


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Now that we know WHO will be helping your business recover, its good to have a plan about what needs to be done first.


Whether its theft or fire, it's essential to communicate what is going on to your employees.   If you only have a few employees, just call them all, if possible.   If there are many, set up a phone tree where each manager calls his/her employees.  Communicate anytime you have something important for them to know or there is a change in whatever your plan is.


In the event of a physical disaster, such as fire or natural disaster, you will need to have an alternate location selected to work from.   If only the office has been compromised, a work-from-home solution might work.   We have a small enough office and enough extra space, that we would probably work from our home until new office space could be located.  Consider your needs and abilities.    Have a short list of people or places to contact in case of a fire.   Do you know of a good customer who would love to have you under their roof with extra space?   Or a real estate agent who could broker you some space in a hurry?   Put those options in your plan and update it as you hear of options.


Finally, consider what equipment you and your employees need to get the business back to serving customers.    In our case, we would need phones, computers & software, and access to our backup's at a minimum.   We would probably need printers, scanners and other items once we are back to work.   When we get office space, we would need office furniture and supplies. What does your business need?   Industrial equipment?   Raw materials?    Computers?   A new storefront?   Stock?    Make a list of what you need and where you could/should get the items from on short notice.  

Have you ever had a business altering event?   What did you need to recover?

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