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Protect from:

  1. Keep your intellectual property safe
  2. Keep your customers
  3. Protect your reputation
  4. Breaking contracts
  5. Missing deadlines
  6. Secure your business from $10,000 or even $100,000+ in money stolen by hackers stealing banking information.
  7. Avoid lawsuits due to employee personal information stolen.
  8. Keep your most private business secret’s safe, avoid exposure of company secrets, lawsuits, or other private information to the whole world.
  9. Never lose your business data, operations data, or any other data you value.
  10. Avoid $10,000’s, $100,000’s, or even $millions of dollars in ransom payments.


  • Protect against 10 major threat vectors
    1. Phishing
      • Phishing is a campaign or event which targets your business or people in your business to give up important information that can be used against you. Cybercriminals will use phone calls, emails, text messages, or other forms of communication to trick you. Phishing results in stolen banking information, credit card information, or credentials.
      • ACS security protects our customers from phishing scams by providing anti-phishing training.
      • Phishing costs:
        • Downtime, both internally and externally with customers
        • Damage to reputation
        • Loss of intellectual property
        • Remediation time (time to recovery)
        • Direct monetary losses
        • Response and remediation costs
        • Loss of revenue
        • Loss of customers
        • Compliance fines
        • Legal fees
  1. Malware
    • Software designed to interfere with a computers normal functioning. Malware may send personal data about the user to unauthorized parties over the Internet.
    • ACS protects from malware by installing, managing, and maintaining a quality antivirus/antimalware solution.
  2. Compromised Credentials
    • Usernames and passwords are still the most common type of access credential and continue to be exposed in data leaks, phishing scams and by malware. When lost, stolen or exposed, credentials give attackers unfettered access.
    • ACS protects from compromised credentials by providing quarterly reporting of compromised credentials.
  3. Weak Credentials
    • Weak credentials or passwords and reused credential or passwords mean one data breach can result in many more.
    • ACS protects you from weak credentials by providing user training on how to create strong credentials.
    • ACS protects you from weak credentials by securing your credentials with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  4. Missing and/or Weak Encryption
    • Encryption is a technique that hides the true meaning of a message and protects digital data by converting it into a code or ciphertext. This ensures that the data within a message cannot be read by an unauthorized party, which helps prevent cyber criminals from stealing sensitive information.
    • ACS protects you from missing or weak encryption by encrypting all devices with managed bitlocker.
  5. Ransomware
    • ‍Ransomware is extortion where data is deleted, encrypted, or threatened to be made public, unless a ransom is paid.
    • ACS protects you from Ransomware by providing anti-ransomware software designed to detect and stop Ransomware.
  6. Misconfiguration
    • ‍Misconfiguration of cloud services, like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or using default credentials can lead to data breaches and data leaks.
    • ACS protects from misconfiguration by periodic reviews of configurations of key systems.
  7. Trojans
    • Trojan horses are malware that misleads users by pretending to be a legitimate program and are often spread via infected email attachments or fake software.
    • ACS protects you from Trojans by installing, managing, and maintaining a quality antivirus/antimalware solution.
    • ACS protects you from Trojans by filtering your email with advanced Email Antivirus Protection.
  8. Brute Force
    • ‍Brute force attacks are based on trial and error. Attackers continuously try to gain access to your organization until one attack works. This could be by attacking weak passwords or encryption, phishing emails or sending infected email attachments containing a type of malware.
    • ACS protects you from brute force attacks by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication.
    • ACS protects you from Brute Force attacks by filtering your email with advanced Email Antivirus Protection.
  9. Policy and Planning
    • This is where I’ll talk about security consulting and creating policies.
  • Resolve several privacy requirements demanded by both national and state privacy laws
    2. Personal Identification Information regulations
  • Resolve several standard requirements for leading certifications
    1. CMMC
    2. ISO9001
    3. IATF

Security assessment  

  • Determine current level of security through a compliance framework-based questionnaire 
  • Executive summary of the analysis and fact-based recommendations to align your level of security with your risk tolerance. 

Security projects  

Simulation Testing  

  • Test Contingency Planning to meet DoD NIST, ISO9001, and IAFT Certification standards.   
  • Support to manage risk and implement continuous contingency plan improvement.   

Gray Box and Penetration Testing  

  • Penetration testing, in some instances, is required by law to maintain compliance with standards such as SOC 2 and PCI Data Security Standards. 
  • The results of your penetration test will arm you with the information and insight to understand where your organization’s weaknesses are in order to create a program to minimize those vulnerabilities. 

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Cyber Security Services

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