ACS - Advanced Computer Solutions

Fixing IT Issues, Removing Frustration

IT support

Serve your clients better. Your profits will improve and your stress will disappear.


IT consultant

Watch profitability sky rocket as your employees are better able to do their job.


Computer Consulting

Bring peace to your business. No more morning emergency calls to get your computers running.

What does ACS do?

Many companies suffer from computer downtime. At Advanced Computer Solutions we employ a group of professional Nerds who eliminate downtime. We find our clients enjoy improved productivity, profitability, and just general happiness once their computer problems are eliminated.

Envision a day where your staff meets their deadlines. Where your employees get home on time. Your team’s productivity sky rockets. Your computer systems exist to do all these things. When your computer system is running smoothly you and your staff can excel. When your systems are working, you are working. Expect your business to improve once you follow the ACS Technology Peace Plan –

  • Improve profitability
  • Systems that work
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Less after-hours work
  • Less over-time
  • Lower your employees stress
  • Improve employee morale

Eliminating downtime will simply allow you to serve your clients better.


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We know the pain of paying staff to do nothing during downtime.

"Our business depends on us being able to email, work on our computers, print, scan you name it and if they go down we come to a standstill. ACS has been there for us and that’s what we needed."

"ACS is very quick to respond whenever there is an issue and problems are resolved in a timely manner."

"Most of my problems are handled within a matter of minutes. Phone calls are always promptly returned..."

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ACS Technology Peace Plan

Follow our easy 3 step process to eliminate Downtime from your business.

Step 1: Meet and discuss your IT issues.

Step 2: Create and execute a custom IT plan.

Step 3: Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your IT needs are taken care of so you can grow your business.

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