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Planning your next big trip? Don’t forget your summer vacation safety checklist!

At long last, vacation season is finally herebut don’t let the excitement of leaving the office keep you from covering all the bases before you head out the door! Here are three ways to stay safe and make ...

Improve employee morale with this simple tip.

Don’t assume because you’re in Northern Michigan you’re safe from phishing or scamming

The other day I was discussing the details of a spear phishing attempt made on a local Traverse City business with a small group.

Severe Vulnerability for HP Inkjet Printers

HP announced a severe vulnerability for 166 models of HP inkjet printers. By severe, they describe it as “9.8 out of 10” on the CVSS 3.0 Base Metrics.  The full list of affected printers can be found here.

5 reasons why you should buy a business grade computer for your business.

Periodically I like to review the consumer retailers and what they offer for PC’s, laptops, and other consumer devices. I do this, so I can stay on top of all the options available for my clients. I want to make ...

How much does downtime cost your business?

Business owners must make a lot of decisions. One of the most important decision is how much do I need to invest in my business to keep it at maximum profitability. It’s very difficult to make good decisions if we ...

60% Of Business Fail After Ransomware Infection

Ransomware (or cryptolocker) are the most dangerous viruses ever created for small businesses. These viruses go right after the businesses most important assets, its data. Imagine waking up tomorrow and having all of the following gone-

4 reasons you will never be secure using your Mirotik, Netgear, Linksys or other consumer grade devices.

4 reasons you will never be secure using your Mirotik, Netgear, Linksys or other consumer grade devices.

Tech tip- What is that cricket chirp I hear?

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