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When Managed Services May Not Be Right For Your Business


managed-services-not-for-you So you keep hearing about managed services.  You might have even talked to your IT company about it.   But do you REALLY need it?   Not every business does, you know.   Here are a few flags that having managed services might not be a good fit.

You Work Solo

If it's just you and the frog in your pocket, or maybe a part time person who doesn't even use a computer, you might not need managed services.  If you only use the computer to do accounting and check your email, you probably don't need managed services.   This isn't a hard and fast rule, though.   If it's just you and you have multiple monitors, a desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone in addition to a scanner, a file server, printer and some specialized equipment, well, maybe you should look into it :).

You Have a Small Budget

I'm not going to snowball you -- managed services isn't cheap.  You are not going to get managed services for $20 a month.  It's just not going to happen.  If you are a startup or run in cycles of prosper/perish, having managed services might be more of a cause of stress than stress relief.    And we are here to help you with your business, not make it harder.   When you are ready, we will still be here.

You Aren't Affected by System Outages

If your computer being down isn't costing you more money than it costs to get it addressed, you probably don't need managed services, either.   If my computer goes down, it really isn't the end of the world.  I jump on another machine and have Albert fix it.   On the flip side, we have an inexpensive computer that we purchased, that makes money every days it's used.   Do you have a piece of equipment that makes you money but no plan B?    If so, you might want to consider managed services.   Otherwise, it's probably not super important for you.   Why share reasons for not getting a managed services provider?  Not everyone needs it.   We are in business to help businesses.  And selling you things that you probably don't need are not helping your business.  Or ours, to be honest.   Be sure to consider the benefits.    



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