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How much does downtime cost your business?


Business owners must make a lot of decisions. One of the most important decision is how much do I need to invest in my business to keep it at maximum profitability. It’s very difficult to make good decisions if we don’t have good data.

One of the decisions we most often try to discuss with our clients is, what is the cost of downtime. This could be downtime from internet failure, from server failure, or general network failure from a virus. I’ve found a tool HERE, which illustrates this problem well. It is a downtime calculator. It will allow you to put in some general high-level numbers and work out how much down time costs your business.

Please take a look and see how much you may lose from downtime in your business!

Albert Steed is the President of ACS. He’s been in IT for over 20 years, and is the virtual CTO for many small businesses throughout Northern Michigan.




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