Improve employee morale with this simple tip. | Advanced Computer Solutions

Improve employee morale with this simple tip.


Hi, I'm Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. We find many small businesses suffer from computer downtime. At Advanced Computer Solutions we employ a group of professional nerds who eliminate computer downtime. Companies that work with Advanced Computer Solutions enjoy higher productivity, more profitability and just overall more happiness once their computer problems are eliminated.

Today I want to talk about one great big thing you can do to help eliminate computer problems on your network and for your business. Today's challenge is for you to eliminate all of the consumer grade equipment that is running on your network. Consumer grade equipment is stuff that you buy at Best Buy, and at Staples, in your local office supply store.This equipment, well, it comes from an office supply store, is truly only meant to be used for your home network. It also has almost no security built into it. 

I've got a prime example of something we would consider consumer grade. This is a piece of equipment made by Netgear. What's neat about this is it also is fully hackable by the Russians. Netgear may or may not have release an update to it so that the Russians can no longer access it. I would highly suggest that if you have piece of equipment made by Netgear in your network that you should remove it promptly. Get with your network I.T. professional and put in some managed gear some high quality business grade gear. This one thing can eliminate hours of downtime every year for your network.

Again, I'm Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions where we find that companies that eliminate computer problems enjoy higher productivity, increase profitability and just overall happiness with their business and computers.

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