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Managed IT vs. IT Consultant

Finding the right IT provider is a challenge.

So much goes into selecting the right partner!

One of the biggest challenges is knowing if your vendor will meet your expectations.

This guide exists to help you determine if an IT provider will respond quickly to your service requests.

One of the most important expectations you should have for your IT provider is the speed at which they deliver service. In other words, how long does it take for them to react to a service request?

When you are evaluating your potential partners, one thing you will want to evaluate is whether they are a managed IT provider or a consultant. 

Managed IT Provider VS IT Consultant

You want a managed IT provider. IT consultants are project focused and are often more in love with the technology than with supporting end users.We love the people who are singularly focused and in love with technology. They are important to the IT industry. However, when it comes to the daily decision of ‘should I help this person, or play with this technology?” The IT consultant chooses the technology more often than not.


Choose a managed IT provider if you want your IT problems solved quickly.


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