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Migrate POP and IMAP email to Office 365 - A Case Study


Migrate POP and IMAP email to Office 365 

Tom’s Food Markets 

A Character 

Tom’s is a retail grocery store. Tom’s has 6 locations, including five stores and one regional headquarters.  

The responsibility for IT was managed and implemented by Aaron Berg.  

Aaron supports five stores, and the 86 users are spread between all locations. 

Tom’s stores were very busy implementing new Covid policies internally and for the customer. Including curbside pickup, delivery, and other contactless interactions with customers. 

The total amount of email data was over 120 Gigs. 


“Prior to our relationship with ACS and the work they completed in 2021, Tom’s IT operations were antiquated and vulnerable. Upon taking over the operation of the business, we looked at several key vulnerabilities to it’s operation and IT resiliency was a critical one identified. While the physical operations like our checkout and card processing operations were very solid, there had been very little investment in IT security on the backbone of Tom’s. We were highly vulnerable to a ransomware attack for example because we hosted our own email server and had made no investments in the Cloud.” 

Tom’s email system suffered from security concerns and ease of access. 

Tom’s leadership team desired a more friendly and accessible email system. The original system used more traditional IMAP/POP technologies. 

Email Struggles 

Users who accessed email via IMAP found accessing the data remotely difficult. Remote access issues meant that the executive team could not be productive when away from the office. The employees also had difficulties when trying to access email via multiple devices. 

Security Concerns 

Due to the difficulty of securing POP/IMAP, Tom’s IT team restricted access to email when outside of the corporate network. 

Aaron Berg was swamped 

Covid projects forced Aaron to invest tremendous amounts of time into both the operations and projects. Aaron didn’t have the time to launch a major email project. 

No business should suffer from email struggles. 


We understand the pain of having a system that doesn’t work when it is supposed to. 

Number of M365 accounts we manage - 869 

Number of migrations we have completed - 70 

Microsoft Silver Partner 


ACS Technology Peace Plan 

Step 1: Meet and discuss your project 

Communication is the key to success. We start every project with a planning meeting designed to ensure success. 

Step 2: Create and execute a custom Project Plan 

Aaron and the Tom’s team worked with our tech team, including our project manager with over 30 years of experience and our project team with a combined 40+ years of experience. 

Step 3: Work closely with Aaron and the Tom’s team on Email Migration. 

We support and implement at every level, from strategic planning, to end-user support. 



100% on budget 


ACS was able to work with Aaron and the Tom’s team to achieve project success within the agreed timeline. 


Working with Aaron the cutover was virtually seamless. The ACS process meant no unexpected or unplanned downtime. 

Nancy and Ed’s reactions 

Tom’s leadership has this to say of the project. 


“Following the assessment work performed by the ACS team and eventually the improvements that were identified and implemented with their assistance, we have seen a dramatic shift. Our IT operations are fully migrated to the Cloud, we have achieved a much higher and secure level of IT security. Our network operations are no longer reliant on the skills and knowledge of one person. In addition to improved security, we have released the value of the Cloud by enabling the use of mobile email and allowing our leaders to operate much more effectively. We have also begun the early phase of BI development and have begun deploying apps developed in Power BI. None of this would have been possible without the foundational work done by ACS.” 



Business Downtime 

Email is an essential part of daily operations at Tom’s. Email downtime is costly. 

Blown Timelines 

No business can afford to have projects that stretch on forever, eating up energy and causing chaos. 


Tom’s went from frustrated with their email system to enjoying a modern, reliable email system. 

“There is no question that the improvements that have been made have resulted in a significant improvement of our IT network security. It has also awakened the legacy Tom’s team to the potential value of the IT Cloud infrastructure. Instead of worrying at night about a ransomware attack, we can focus our investments on the development of BI applications and improvements in the productivity of our workforce.” 




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