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Productivity and security, browser addons




Today, I want to talk about what I use for a web browser and some of the add-ons for protection. I use Google Chrome and I like Google Chrome only because it’s quick and it’s quick and easy to install. And, what’s really nice about it is you can synchronize all of your bookmarks and your add-ons very easily just by creating a Google account. And, then when you install it on a new machine all the stuff flows into your new machine or your new tablet or whatever, it all flows in through the Google cloud so that you don’t really have to reset up your browser when you move from one computer to a tablet or to another computer.


Some of the add-ons I use are; I use an add-on called Privacy Badger. Privacy Badger does two things; it protects me and blocks all of the potential tracking stuff that can be installed on your computer, cookies or whatever. And, then it also tells you how bad or good a website is for protecting your privacy. But, be aware of this one – it will break a lot of websites and you have to disable it quite frequently. But for most of the time, you’re just sitting there and it’s protecting you.


The other one I use is called HTTPS Everywhere and basically what it does is it requests HTTPS sites whenever possible. So, if the site has a certificate installed it will request it and you will be almost always as much as possible using encrypted communications to and fro your computer to the site that you’re working with.


So, those are stuff that we use. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to give me a call or just drop me an email.


I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks! 




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