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Business tip- Join a peer group


I joined a peer group a little over a year ago. And, what’s a peer group? So, a peer group is peer group and its coaching or having a business coach. So, I have a business coach or somebody who has a vast amount of knowledge about my industry and I have peers who are also in that group that I can ask questions and I can tidbits that I’ve learned and we help each other grow each other’s businesses.




I think every small business owner needs to be part of sort of peer group. I was in business a long time before I did it and probably one of the biggest mistakes I made over the years was not branching out to learn from my peers and have a coach. The coach brings you an outside view of your business. He looks at it and goes; “Boy, I’ve seen a hundred businesses like yours. And yours, this is what you’re doing right or this is what you’re doing wrong. Let’s set some goals. I’m going to keep making sure that you’re following those goals and you’re actually doing the things that you should be doing.”


I highly recommend you find a peer group, find a business coach and somebody in your industry if possible. It’s important to be able to manage yourself against your peers and that’s what a business coach loves you to do. The amount of wisdom that can be gained from your peers or people who have been doing it longer than you or who are better than you or just different from you is invaluable.


So, go out find yourself a business coach and find somebody in your industry if possible. This is different than a mentor and we’ll talk about a mentor too, but different than a mentor, and grow your business.


If you have any questions, I love talking about how joining a peer group and having a business coach helped my business.


I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks for listening!




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