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Free Iphone, Ipad, Android applications for your business.


Iphone, Ipad, Android Applications for your business.


I'm frequently asked about iphone, ipad, and android apps, and how to have them created.  I have come across a very cool site called appsbar.  Appsbar allows you to create applications for all of the major mobile and tablet operating systems FOR FREE.


They walk you through a step by step process which when completed will (after approval by the app store god's) result in your app being available for download to your favorite touch device.  These app's are not extremely complicated, and really nothing more than a web site in an app.  However for the right business this could be very useful, such as restaurant menu information, service guides for products, locations of stores, etc.


Appsbar pay's for itself by putting advertisements into  your app.  This is annoying, but to get an application fast and cheap, I think its a fair trade-off.


I am still working on my app, and determining how it will best fit with my business.  I'd love to hear from you on how this service worked for you!




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