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Are you paying Microsoft for your Logmein access?


Apparently accessing the PC you own, with software you own means that you should be paying Microsoft some more.  From Microsoft's Ross Brown, vice president of solution partners and independent software vendors in Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group -
"When you look at the number of iPad devices in the enterprise that are basically accessing and running Windows 7, using and getting the value of the software, there wasn’t a monetization of that for us that was associated with those things."
If I understand that correctly, Microsoft feels we need to have a special license to utilize the software we own because we choose to do it remotely.  Now granted he is talking about the 'enterprise' so perhaps they are only concerned with Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise, but I doubt it.   I personally find this whole thing ridiculous.  I paid for my Microsoft license, I'm using the license, nobody else can use the computer while I'm using it.  Why on earth does Microsoft feel they are entitled to more license dollars?  They didn't do anything!  Perhaps if they wrote a great piece of software that runs on all operating systems and allows me to access my desktop from anywhere, then sure, charge me.  For some strange reason they either aren't capable of creating a good remote control application, or they are truly just trying to limit our ability to use our computer how we see fit.  Personally I see this as a great opportunity for Microsoft, make something better and sell it!  Otherwise let us use the our computers (and the operating system we paid for) how we see fit!


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