ACS - Advanced Computer Solutions

Small business project meetings

September 6, 2017



Today, I want to talk about managing projects with a small team. At ACS, we have a team of four and we’ve managed to push through approximately 15 to 20 projects a month with this small team. And, the way we do it and the way we keep everything on track, we don’t have enough resources for a project manager, so we actually do what we call board meetings.


A board meeting is a meeting that we do every morning, we start at 8:30 or maybe 8:45 depending upon circumstances and we have a large white board that has every project that we’re working on and the status and the dates associated with it and any pertinent details. Our dispatch manager or dispatcher will go over every line item and update as needed, get feedback from my technicians, get feedback from me and we will make decisions on the fly at the meeting.


This probably doesn’t scale well as your organization grows but it’s a great way for getting project management in place without having to have a product manager. Our dispatcher will update the projects during the day as phone calls come through and emails come through or new items that we’ve ordered arrive. And, then we’ll talk about all in the morning and by the end of the meeting and it’s usually about a 15-20 minute meeting, we will know exactly what we have to do for that day.


So, this is our tip for managing projects with a light staff.


Again, I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thank you.