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I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions talking small business again. Earlier, I talked about having a business coach and peer group. I mentioned in that podcast and that article about getting mentors. So, a mentor is different, I think.


And so for me, I meet several times a week with several mentors, people who own businesses in my community and successful people who I can bounce some ideas off or I can talk about the very personal things maybe that are happening within my business and they can give me a perspective. They can share their war stories of growing their business and it all goes back to that kind of classic, “You are who the average of your five friends are.” Whoever you associate the most with, that’s basically where you’re going to either be or end up or who you are.


So, I like having a solid group of hardworking smart mentors that I associate with. And, one of the things I love to do, I love to have a breakfast with these guys, once or maybe twice or three times a week. And, however often I can get with them, we’ll have lunch together or kind of split my time between my clients and my mentors so that I can learn how I can be better in doing all the things that I need to do as a business owner.


So, that’s a mentor. I highly recommend that you find people in your community people that are people you either aspire to be like or people who you trust. And, that’s why I’m looking for people who push you to higher levels that you as a business owner can grow.


I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thank you for listening!




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