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Easy Office Productivity Tip - 5 Tips for Long Word Documents


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Many times you are just creating short documents in Word.  But what about those longer documents, like multiple page quotes or even books or manuals? Here are 5 tips for navigating in long Word Documents easier.

1.  Page Breaks.

I love this tip and have been using it for over 10 years.   If you know that you want to put in a manual page break and go automatically to the top of a new page, use CTRL + ENTER.   Voila.   Next chapter or section is automatically on it's own page.  

2.   Quick Navigation.

When you have multiple pages and are editing, sometimes you will think of something to change far away from where you are -- here is where quick navigation short cuts can come in handy:

CTRL + ALT + Page Up                               Goes to the previous page

CTRL + ALT + Page Down                          Goes to the next page

CTRL + Home                                             Takes you to the beginning of your document

CTRL + ALT + End                                      Takes you to the end of your document  

3.    Last modification.

Now that you know how to quickly navigate your document, it's easy to jump all around and forget where you last were.   Just use SHIFT + F5 to go back to the last place you changed.  

4.   Use headers.

To help in both readability and navigation, use the headers set up in Word.  Simply type in your header text, highlight it, then click on Header 1 on the ribbon.   If you don't like how they look, you can always edit them or change the Quick Style.   Here is a video about how to change the look of your text using Quick Styles from Microsoft Office.  

5.    Turn on the Document Map.

If you have used the headers and subheaders to visually organize your document, you can zoom all around it super quickly.   See this great article for an extended view of what Document Map does and how to use it.  


Do you have any tips for long Word documents?  

 Jen Steed writes about technology, travel and more.  You can find her writing for various online and print publications.  To talk to Jen or see all of her articles as they are published, you can follow Jen on .




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