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Corona Phishing Alert

During times of disaster, tragedy, and chaos, we always see an increase in the number of phishing attacks targeting small businesses. While we have yet seen anything specifically targeting our current situation, be assured that it will happen.
A phishing attack is where a criminal or national government (such as North Korea, or Russia) will create messages, typically via email, designed to trick you into clicking or communicating with them. These emails can be extremely convincing and will often play upon current fears and emotions. An example may be an email where the phisher creates an email that looks like it is from your email provider. The email may request that "in light of the current situation," please click this link to verify your email password so that we can ensure that your account is adequately secured. You click the link and thus give them your email password.
Please be wary of any requests for action or information that come to you. These requests can arrive through email, phone, or any other online communication.
The team at ACS will NEVER contact you through phone or email for passwords, or other information, without proper context. You MUST ensure that if you get communication from us, that it is indeed us before you give out any information.
If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us at ACS. We are here to help guide you all through this and protect you in any way we can.

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