ACS - Advanced Computer Solutions

About Us


While founded in 2000, ACS was purchased by current owner, Jennifer Steed in 2010. Jennifer, and her husband, Albert Steed had spend the previous 2 years operating another IT company, which Albert had founded in 2000. Albert and Jennifer have a long history of providing IT services to firms throughout the USA. This included working in the Florida Keys, and providing IT services to mall businesses in Denver, and Southern Michigan.


Technology has changed tremendously since Albert first began his consultancy in 2000. Our ability to provide comprehensive support to clients all over the country has increased exponentially. Our ability to secure, and protect our clients has also grown. As the business has grown, we have taken deliberate steps to increase our capabilities. 

Our staff includes dedicated engineers, support technicians, dispatcher, and customer service. While we proudly serve customers in the beautiful Grand Traverse Region our national Small Business Security services are growing and allow us to work with great businesses all over the US.


The ACS team continues to grow, but our focus doesn't change. We will continue to invest in the best technologies, the best people, and keep a tight focus on security for our clients. We take our greatest pride in watching our clients succeed.

Customer Testimonials

The ACS staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  We actually enjoy working with our IT people, they really do care!

--Walt Gallagher, Owner of Grand Traverse Continuous


Outsourcing to ACS offers significantly more service for significantly less cost than hiring a full time IT employee.

--Steve Perdue, Grand Traverse Industries