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About John


Technology executive with experience in capital intensive and service-oriented enterprises. Proven leader with demonstrated ability to align business vision with technology delivery, in an ethical and transparent fashion. Diverse experience working in multi-cultural settings. Able to work effectively from shop floor to Boardroom.  I create sustainable wins – not just firefighting or short term wins (that fall apart quickly)

Professional Highlights

Have held increasingly responsible technical, managerial, and executive roles in several industries including telecommunications, insurance and utilities. An independent adviser since 2000, I consult internationally.

Why Work With Me?

I have a common-sense approach without the flashing techno garble-speak.  My calm, pragmatic, flexible and focus can cut through the confusion of the complex world of technology.  You will have a simplified long term plan to enable your IT investment to support your organization.


I’m “the recovering CIO”. After years of leading IT orgs in a wide range of enterprises around the world, even though I’m no longer a CIO, I’m still “addicted” to the role/function. It’s a role that has given me (forced me) to understand how a complete enterprise works. A CIO must be topically conversant in all aspects of a business. Finance, operations, Customer Care, Sales, etc….how to balance cost/timing/risk/functionality. We can discuss this further.


  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Start Ups


  • Situation analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Interim executive
  • Workout specialist


  • CIO Advisory Services
  • Strategic/Tactical
  • Plan Development
  • Governance Advisor
  • Organizational Design & Development


I have worked with many types of financial and telecommunications industries to help them resolve some of their most complex IT challenges.

“For the past 17 years, I have known John to be honest, trustworthy and a consummate professional. John will apply his wide range of experience to conform to the needs of each individual client.”

~ Tony Anderson, General Manager

  “John helped Naveego acquire top technical talent during our start-up phase. He maintains an excellent network of business and technical talent who can hit the ground running. I was impressed.”

Derek Smith, CTO and Founder

 “John lent his experience and provided critical guidance when Frontier chose to modernize our infrastructure, move critical workflows to the cloud, and leverage both internal and external IT support resources. He also proved to be an effective facilitator of quality communication between our IT staff and our C-suite.“

~ Paul Wieland, President and CEO

“In the time that I’ve known John, I’ve been impressed with the depth of his expertise. He is an experienced technology and telecom executive who has been able to lend his talents to Board governance and has international experience to round it all out.”

~ McKeel Hagerty, CEO

I first met John Murray when I worked at Intelligent Energy (a fuel cell technology company based in Loughborough, UK) on the development of cutting-edge asset management and business intelligence methods. John immediately struck me as a first-rate manager with wide-ranging experience, an above-average understanding of both people and technology and an easy-going manner that enables him to get the best out of everyone he works with, no matter what their background. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone.”

~ Dr. Michael Provost – Author and Industry Recognized Expert in Asset

“John was my CIO at One2One and then later at Etisalat Nigeria. He did a great job in both places. He provided me with great counsel and I trusted him completely. He has real leadership skills and the ability to bring together teams of diverse individuals and nationalities. He is a great communicator and has the ability to connect with all levels in the organisation and to find out what is really happening.”

~ Steven Evans, CEO at Etisalat Nigeria and COO at One2One

“John is such a delightful, broad-minded, motivated, hard-working, and intelligent CTIO who radiates, and welcomes change and motivates others to do better every day as he leads by example. He always kept the team morale up, His ability to work through crises and develop new ways to achieve targets were always inspiring during the early years in etisalat. He is a great manager, Best in his league and an outstanding mentor with a rich experience of many decades.

At Intelligent Energy, His exceptional set of skills, ingenuity, and integrity made the project a dream to be part of. John’s enthusiasm, dedication is inspiring, motivating, and his communication style is worthy of emulation.

And at Crown Agent Bank and Crown Agents Investment Management, He was instrumental to the novel innovative ways, in organizing as well as helpful during the formative years, ever so grateful during ideations and brainstorming sessions. He has made me improve in many professional areas and taught me about leadership beyond what I could only dream of. It was a joy and pleasure to be managed by him for all these years.”

~ Richard Ola, Chief Information Officer


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