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Backup & Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery is the subset of business continuity planning that involves a set of procedures that make it possible for a business to recover vital information and technology following either a natural disaster, or one caused by humans. The goal of disaster recovery is to allow organizations to maintain or quickly resume critical functions after a disaster has occurred.

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery planning is a vital component of running a successful business. When creating a disaster recovery plan, it is important to consider exactly what needs to be protected in the event of a disaster. Although many disaster recovery plans focus on the data, software, or hardware that needs to be protected, it is also vital that a disaster recovery plan also takes into consideration manpower.    

Learn more about creating a disaster recovery plan.

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Build Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Write your disaster recovery plan
  • Analyze your disaster recovery plan
  • Create a budget for your disaster recovery solution 

Backup Your Data

  • Create local backups
  • Create offsite cloud backups
  • Encrypt your backups
  • Restore from backup
  • Review your network and find data not being backed up

Provide Disaster Recovery Service for Mission Critical Devices and Servers

  • Create disaster recovery images of servers
  • Create disaster recovery images of workstations
  • Move your images to a cloud solution

Monitor Your Backup

  • Review your backups daily
  • Keep your backups working consistently
  • Test your backup

React During a Disaster To Get You Working Quickly

  • Get equipment fast
  • Support your staff
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