Would you let a stranger dig through all your company’s private files? | Managed IT Solutions For Businesses

Would you let a stranger dig through all your company’s private files?


No? We didn't think so! Then it's time to secure your data with encryption services from ACS.

Whether you work with OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or something else entirely, ACS will ensure your files stay between you and your employees. And nearly flawless protection from data theft is only the beginning!

With our encryption services, you can look forward to other awesome features like:

  • Secure, effortless collaboration: Whether you're working with your assistant at the next desk or the executive team across the country, our encryption services give your team the power to create freely and safely in the Cloud anywhere, anytime
  • Choose your weapon of choice: Smartphones, tablets, and desktops are all equally safe
  • A storage option for everyone’s work style: You and your employees will have access to encrypted data storage from over 30 Cloud providers, with seamless file transfer between them all - talk about productivity win!

No matter how you choose to lock your files away, with ACS, you'll be the only one with the key.

A: Get a solution that works. No downtime. No excuses. Period. (https://get.acsapp.com/)

B: Call us today at 231-933-6333 or respond to this email! (mike@acsapp.com)




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