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Why Do We Recommend Cloud Computing?


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I read a great article the other day at Forbes -- In the Rush to Cloud Computing, Here's One Question Not Enough People Are Asking.   So what aren't they asking? --  Why?   No one is asking WHY they are moving to the cloud, what they hope to accomplish. Here is why we recommend the cloud based vendors that we do:

    • Our backup service takes place on the cloud.   If anything happens in the Grand Traverse or Grand Rapids areas (tornados, blizzards, floods, etc), your data is safe, no matter what happens to your physical location.   Buildings can be rebuilt and new desks can be bought.  Your data, customer and accounting records?  Not so much.


    • Much of the software we suggest is available on the cloud -- Clio, Hootsuite, Evernote, and more.   Why?   No more losing software keys or having to reinstall 20 pieces of software after we replace a hard drive.   When you can access it via the web, hardware replacement becomes much quicker to do, getting you back to work faster.


    • Having a hosted-exchange account with a web interface allows you to have almost all the functionality of Outlook without the .pst pain or having data loss when moving from one computer to another.   Additionally, you can access the data on your phone, tablet, laptop or work computer.

  ACS is all about making the technology work for YOU, not trying to figure out how to work with your technology. Call today for a free consultation about how ACS can help you be more effective and efficient with technology in your Michigan small business or law firm!    (877)404-8224.  

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