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What Did YOU Miss in 2012?


There was so much going on in technology in 2012 that it's nearly impossible to keep up on it all while you are trying to run your business!   Luckily, end of the year posts abound in December and January and Harry McCrackin at Time Magazine has it all in one place for you with The 57 Lamest Moments in Tech 2012. Among the gems of this article:

2. Crime and self-punishment.

After an advertising firm hired by Google pays bloggers to write about Chrome — violating Google’s own rules — the search engine reacts by penalizing its own browser, pushing it down in results for the search term browser for 60 days.

25. All too public.

In one of the most anticipated IPOs ever, Facebook goes public. Nasdaq technical glitches spook investors, which leads to the stock’s tumbling rather than rising, resulting in a flurry of lawsuits.

30. Freedom of, um, tweetch.

During the Olympics, British journalist Guy Adams of the Independent, who’s unhappy with tape-delayed event broadcasts, tweets the work e-mail address of an NBC vice president so his followers can register their disapproval. In response, someone at NBC complains to someone at Twitter, an official NBC partner for the Olympics, and Adams’ account is suspended. After thousands of tweets in support of Adams, Twitter apologizes and reinstates him.



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