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Understanding the Different USB Types


When we think of a USB, we often think of the standard rectangle that must be flipped around half a dozen times before we get it right side in. It’s been the industry standard for years, but did you know there is more than one type of USB? While the ‘U’ in USB stands for universal, it’s far from reality with the changing industry standards. The one we all remember is called a USB type A. There is also a type B, Type C, Mini, and Micro. While the latter two have fallen out of style, and the type B is reserved mostly for printers, the Type C has risen in popularity since 2014 to contend with type A.

The Growing Popularity of USB Type C

USB type C has overtaken the popularity of the Mini and Micro USB’s and is slated to become the industry standard over USB type A. With it’s reversible connection, higher transfer rates, and ability to handle video output. These can be found on Apple computers, gaming devises, Android smartphones, headphones, and elsewhere. It has truly taken over the world!

So, what does that mean for you? While change is daunting, it’s generally a good thing. No, you don’t have to replace your computer if you’re holding on to the USB Type A port, but you may want to snag a converter so you can still use any new tech that utilizes type C. However, when you’re looking to upgrade any of your current technology, you will likely find that USB type C is the new standard, but don’t let it deter you. Higher speed transfers will surely make up for the change.

Will USB type C always be the biggest and best option? Who’s to say? But for now, it’s a helpful option that means fewer cables with its reversible connection. Regardless, we are always here to help you navigate the ever-changeing world of IT. If you would like to leran mora about how ACS can help you keep up on industry changes, contact us today and let ACS keep your business running smoothly!




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