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Top Business Technologies of 2012


  The past year has been quite a year for technology and it's no surprise.   Technology permeates nearly aspect of our lives -- and our businesses!      Here are the top four developments in business technology for 2012.   English: The iPad on a table in the Apple case  

1.  Work on the go!

  While the iPad and similar tablets have been around for 2 years (mid-2010), last year, tablets and smart phones really came into their own as a way to work while you were out of the office.   Quickbooks online purchase options from Intuit      

2.  Cloud based software.

  With the success and prevalence that the tablets are having, it only makes sense that more and more computer software is available on the web.  Even programs like QuickBooks and Microsoft Office are now online, eliminating the need for CD's and software license keys or restoring software when your computer crashes.  Pretty nice!    


3.  3D Printing.

  This is the coolest thing I've seen by far.   No longer in the super cool, no one has it, demo mode, it even had it's own conference this year.    You really have to see it to believe it.   The possibilities are endless and it's a new market ripe for the picking!   English: Cloud Computing visual diagram  


4.  Cloud Storage.

  Even if your workforce is not mobile, your files and storage can be safely stored away from your offices.  Not only is having all your data on a remote computer somewhere good for when your computer fails, but if you should have a fire?  Well, it could help save your business.   Many businesses without a good disaster recovery plan have been known to just close their doors after such an event.    How important is your business to you?   What technology did you adopt in 2012 that made an impact on your business?      

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