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Tips on how to upgrade your desktops


Today, I want to talk about a small business dilemma, the cascading computer upgrade. We’re often asked if we could do upgrades and kind of a prime example would be the owner needs a new computer but his computer is in pretty good shape.



So, Julie in accounting could use an upgrade and so what we’ll do is we’ll buy a new computer for Joe, the owner and we’ll pass it to Julie in accounting and Julie will then then have her machine get moved into the shipping department for example.


And, many small business owners feel this is a wise use of resources, but what we would like to kind of mention out there as an opinion is you have to think about how much it costs for each of those moves in labor with your IT provider.


Let’s say it takes an hour and a half to have to set up Julie’s new machine. So, you’ve got an hour and a half at maybe $150 an hour to give Julie a machine that’s maybe three or four years old and maybe it only has a year or two left in it. We make sure to argue that you’re better off just taking Joe’s (the owner’s computer) and putting it in the closet for a spare or recycling it and letting Julie run her machine till the end of its useful life and not pay to have all these labor charges to move these computers throughout your organization and interrupt everybody’s day and have them have them have to reconfigure all their stuff on their computers. I think it’s a cost savings and also your people will be more efficient not having to deal with a new computer so frequently.


Again, I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thank you for listening!




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