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Three Things to Think About Before Opening A New Law Office


Three Things to Think About Before Opening A New Law Office

  Opening a new office or moving to a new location is a LOT of work.   There are so many bits and pieces to keep track of!   Here are some tips to think about before you open a new law office or decide to move.

Internet Connection

Before your IT consultant can set your computers, you need to ensure that you have scheduled a move of your internet connection whether it's a T1, DSL or Cable.   In fact, before you even have new office space, call them and ask how much notice they need to move it and what their installation schedule is like -- whether you get an appointment time or window of time.  In addition, if having the internet down will cost you money and/or business, consider purchasing a backup connection from another company so that you have a redundant connection.   It's a great investment and will save you from paying employees unable to work and upsetting your customers.


No matter whether your office is going to be smaller or larger, you need to consider the furniture necessary for you and your employees to work.   If you need to order or purchase furniture, get your list together and find out how long it takes for it to arrive.   Also determine if it needs to be assembled and if you are going to do it or hire someone.    Line both of those things up so that when you want to move it, it's all ready for computers to be installed and set up.

Phone Service

You should also find out what is involved in moving your phone lines.  If it's been awhile, you may want to check into alternative options, especially if your contract is up or will expire soon.  For a smaller office, an internet based phone could be an option.    For larger offices, you may want to keep your physical phone lines but use a computer based DMX.   We would be happy to help you discover if a new phone solution could be more cost effective for your firm!  As with the other two pieces, it's essential to find out how long it takes to get your phone service installed or moved to help keep your timeline moving along smoothly. All three of these pieces will help you determine a realistic (though maybe not ideal) timeline for moving your law firm to a new office.   For more tips for opening a new office, see all the articles in this series:



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