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The value of your businesses data.



The value of your businesses data.

Today I want to talk about the value of your data:

We have insurance to cover the value of our automobiles, of our equipment, of our building and we can even insure our people so that if we have a keyman that goes down we can get resources and money to help find a replacement.

In many businesses the data that is in the business; the accounting data, the production data and if it’s in a professional service such as a CPA or an attorney their clients data is as valuable as or more valuable than all of the equipment; cars and everything combined. And we feel as IT experts and we’ve seen it more than 15 years of experience that the cost benefit of a good cloud backup or a disaster recovery type backup scenario is absolutely the best insurance.

So let’s say if for example you have 15 years of practice in law and you’ve got 15 years’ worth of client data it might be $100 or maybe $200 a month or say $1000 or $1200 a year to backup that information and protect it and not just back it up on site but put it out into a secure cloud environment. I look at that as pretty damn cheap insurance to cover one of the most valuable assets in your organization.

So kind of think about that as you’re looking at how much money do I want to spend on backing up and protecting my data which in essence is one of your most valuable assets.

I'm Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks for listening!




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