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The REAL Cost of Web Hosting


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So you get or renew your business's internet contract and your sales guy tells you that for only x dollars more, he can host your website and email, too.   "Well, heck yeah, sign me up!" you think.  "That's way cheaper than paying for the service by itself."   But have you ever stopped to figure out why or what the real cost of that cheaper hosting could be?

More Headaches

How much is your piece of mind worth?    Companies who specialize in website hosting have specialized knowledge.   That alone is worth a few bucks extra.  After all, when it works, everything is fine.  But what about when it doesn't?  Is their staff skilled enough to be able to fix it?   How many hours are you willing to spend talking to them on the phone?   Or worse yet, paying your computer consultant to talk to them on the phone so it can be fixed.

More Finger Pointing

Let's say that you have specialized email needs, but your website is pretty basic so you let your internet provider host it.   What happens when something is wrong with your domain name records and one of them isn't working?   Let the finger pointing begin!    

Have you ever been on the receiving end of two parties where neither one claims responsibility?   Keeping it in one place, eliminates this cost of website hosting.   Next time someone offers you discounted web hosting (or anything, for that matter), ask WHY.   What is it that you are losing by paying less?   Chances are it will end up costing you more in lost time, money or productivity.  

Then ask yourself what the REAL cost of web hosting is.   Is it still worth it?

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