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The quest to find the businesses who need me


I look at sales as a process by which I try my hardest to communicate with people who need my services. I'm not really selling anything other than a way to fix someone's problem. With that said, it's a real challenge to get before everyone when they need you. That's why I'm working really hard at getting better at putting my business in front of the right people, at the right time.

I was going through my daily reading regimen when I came across an article called “How we went from zero to 1 million visits a month.” This intrigued me, how does a person do that? How much does it cost? Can I do that!?! I read, and the article was light on detail. However, they did introduce some tools, and a little bit of strategy. Apparently they did this remarkable feat with no marketing budget, all they had was their keyboards and facebook.

I intend to look over their tools, and with some fancy facebook work, I hope to increase our site’s traffic and get more small law firms protected by ACS Secure.




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