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The importance of cloud backup.




The importance of cloud backup.

In the previous article we talked about Cryptolocker and how big of an industry it is and how it works. I mentioned backup as being basically your best way of protecting yourself and I mentioned cloud backups.

So why cloud backup? Well, the reason being is that the first thing these Cryptolocker viruses do is they encrypt your backup. So you have a USB drive, you hook it to your computer and you backup your data to it and you think you’re safe. I mean, if anything goes wrong my data is over here and I just pull it back over there and off we go, except for if this data has been encrypted, it has no value and you can’t use it.

So that’s why we recommend a cloud backup. So cloud backup takes the data, shelves it up into the Internet and makes it unavailable to the virus. A virus can’t reach out through the cloud and encrypt your backup, so that’s why we recommend cloud. It protects you from Cryptolocker, and not to mention fire, theft, accidents or if somebody kicks the computer over and the whole thing crushes in the ground and you lose all the hard drives, which could happen.

So cloud backup in combination with a local backup and we use both as a hybrid solution. So, implementing cloud backup is important. This stuff happens and we see it every week. We see it sometimes daily; encryption, fires, failures of equipment and your best solution is cloud for a computer I’d say.

I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks for listening!




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