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Social Media Quick Tip - BufferApp



A few months ago, in our social media tips for business series, I shared how using RSS feeds can help you in social media with Hootsuite.   And last month, I shared how you can use IFTTT to help, too.    Here is a third way to share items on your social media sites -- Buffer.    

Buffer is a free program that will automatically tell your followers (on multiple social media networks), what you are up to.    There is a whole plethora of ways that you can share -- from your blog, your RSS reader, your browser or your mobile device. The greatest part about Buffer is not that it will share things, but that it will queue your items to be shared and then parcel them out a little at a time.    

The free version does have it's limitations -- you can only use one profile per social media account (1 Twitter, 1 FB, etc).  In addition, you can only have a certain number of items in the queue--I think its around 10.    Alternatively, if you find it's super valuable for you, you can upgrade to Awesome (love that!) for $10/mo and get 12 social media accounts, unlimited posts in the queue and have two people who can help manage the social media fun.

Buffer does not schedule recurring tweets, nor can you tell it when to publish.  When you set up your profiles, Buffer generally auto-posts evenly throughout the day -- you set it on start up and forget it.    That's where Hootsuite is handy to have as well since you can schedule and repeat tweets.

As you can see, with the right tools, you can take a short amount of time per day to share things on social media and be perceived as an expert without having to be on it all. day. long.

What are your favorite social media tools?

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