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So Just What is the CLOUD Anyway?


So Just What is the CLOUD Anyway?



  Everyone talks about the cloud.   Why it's good to be on the cloud, why it's bad to be on the cloud, why the cloud is secure, how it's not.   But that still doesn't answer the question: What is the Cloud? The cloud is really just a fancy way to refer to computer functions that take place on a computer that you access via the internet.   It could be a service like disaster recovery service or legal research at LexusNexus or even a program like QuickBooks Online.   It also refers to normal data storage on websites like Dropbox, Evernote, or Flickr, just to name a few.  In fact, when you purchase MP3's from Amazon, you can play them from any computer with their Amazon CLOUD Player.    And everything Google does is on the cloud. So when you hear someone talking about the cloud, know that it's just doing tasks on a computer that isn't yours.   You can have a less fancy machine, smaller hard drive, and not worry about losing the book you are writing if the hard drive fails or the computer gets fried.  Plus, depending on the product or service you purchase, you could even access it from your computer, your hotel room and even a cell phone.   How convenient is that?




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