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For many companies the idea of paying a company to manage their data seems like a complete waste of money. Why would you pay someone to manage the data that you already have? Well, that is a great question. Why would you pay someone to take care of and protect that data for you? The data is already stored on your computer, what could possibly go wrong?

Glad you asked. Saving all of your customer data to your computer may seem like a good idea, after all, who is going to access your computer besides you? Surprisingly, a lot of people may be trying to access that data. Especially if there is actionable information within that account. Things like credit card numbers or bank account numbers. Hackers are always trying to mine data from companies, and unfortunately for small businesses, they are often the target of these hacking attempts.

Why Target Small Businesses?

Why would hackers waste their time trying to hack into your computer to gain the data from your limited contact information? Well, the short answer, your an easier target. For hackers, trying to gain information from a bank or other large corporation is nearly impossible. There would be a great amount of time, effort, failed attempts and potential to get caught before they were actually able to access any information. However, your computer does not have nearly that kind of security protecting it. In many cases, this security is nearly non-existent.

So, a lot less would go into hacking into your computer. Less effort, less time, and most likely a lot less risk. So they may not get information on 20,000 people, but if they can get information on 100 people without the risk, wouldn't that be worth it to them?

Protecting Your Small Business From Hacking

So, how do you as a small business protect yourself from having the data of your users stolen? Managed IT Services. It is important that you understand what managed IT services are, and what a company is actually offering before choosing a provider. Just like anything else, not all managed IT providers are equal. Some will provide bare bones basic services that may protect you from the most top-level attacks that occur, but still leave you vulnerable to more sophisticated attacks. That is why it is important to understand what services they are offering.

How do you know if what they are offering will provide enough protection? How do you know if they offer the right protection? These are important things to know when choosing your managed IT provider. Make sure that you spend the time to talk with potential providers to learn about what they are offering and how it will protect your business.

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