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Server 2003 End of Life - Are You Ready?


Another Microsoft Product is reaching the end of it's life.  Instead of it being Windows XP, this time it's Microsoft Server 2003.   As of July 2015, Microsoft will no longer be providing support.   Are you ready?



I have an IT Staff

If you already have an in-house IT staff, that's great!  Microsoft has an assessment and planning tool available to help get ready for conversion to Server 2012.

I have an IT Company

Our goal is to help businesses by taking their worries off their IT concerns so they can work freely.   If your IT company hasn't mentioned this issue yet, or if they don't seem interested in helping you create a plan, give us a call!  We would be happy to help transition your server off of 2003 before it causes any issues for your business.

I have no clue.  HELP!

If you know you are running Server 2003, or if you know so little about it that you don't even know where to find out that information, give us a call.   Whether your college buddy set it up a decade ago or your IT guy has moved on to better things, we can take a look and help you figure out the most cost effective path that twill still meet YOUR needs.   

Are you ready to move on to the next phase of your business?   Call us today for a free consultation at 877.404.8224.


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