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Security issue all should be aware of


Recently a massive security issue has been brought to light. The issue is known as the ‘VPNFilter’ vulnerability. The main reason this vulnerability is important is because it allows criminals to harvest your online credentials (your username and password.) This means your banking credentials, or any other online service you use is at risk.

Affected devices include –

  • Linksys
  • Netgear
  • TP-Link
  • Mikrotik

While most ACS business clients do not run these brands (and if you do, or believe you may be, then please call us immediately to discuss what we recommend), we believe this vulnerability can be found in a staggering number of home, or consumer routers. This means that your personal information is at risk. It also means that any employee who works from home is putting the corporate network at risk.

For our home users -

The current recommendations from the security experts who discovered the vulnerability are to reboot the routers, and update the firmware. We at ACS believe that this is a bandaid at best, and of no value at worse. Many users run devices that are years out of date, and no longer receive firmware updates. We recommend replacing all units with new devices that are supported, and up to date. If budget allows replace it with a UTM style router such as a FortiGate.

For our business customers -

If you have employee’s working from home, we highly recommend you contact ACS to discuss what we recommend for these employees. Credential stealing is a grave danger to your internal network.

Final thoughts –

This vulnerability affects your computer, whether its mac, windows, Tablet, or smart phone, it affects every type of device. It also affects you whether you have antivirus or not. So no matter what precautions you take on your computer or smart device, you are at risk if your router is compromised.

If you have any questions call me at the number below, or feel free to email.

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