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Secure Your Data In Case Your Smartphone is Lost or Stolen


In this age when people have gotten rid of traditional telephones, losing your phone can be devastating, especially since many have photos and other information on them.   It's even worse, however, when you lose the smartphone that you use for work!   There are many apps on your phone and while most have some level of security, the finder has all day to try to hack into to everything -- your email, bank accounts, work computers, and more! So how do you secure your data in case your smartphone is lost or stolen?  

Have a password.

I will be the FIRST to admit that having a code to use your phone is pretty annoying.   BUT.   It helps keep my kiddos from getting into things, deleting files and removing apps.   It should do the same for anyone who finds your lost phone.  

Set permissions on your phone.

Most smart phones have various levels of permissions.   Go into your settings and lock down as many as you feel are necessary.   I know on my iPhone, I can keep people from getting into iTunes, the App Store, my camera, the web browser, and even prevent changes to various programs, in addition to managing privacy settings.  

Back up your data!

Just like any other computer, if the information on it is important to you, BACK IT UP!    This includes photos, contact information, documents, or anything else.   If you have a Dropbox account, you get free storage for having photos automatically upload on some plans.   If you have an iPhone, you get a free (but limited) amount of space on iCloud to back up your mail, calendar, music, documents, photos and more.   Find a backup app that works with your smartphone.  

Have managed services on your mobile device(s), too.

When all your services are managed by your IT company, they can shut down and or change passwords to many services that they are in control of such as secure, hosted exchange accounts/email, remote access services, back up services and more.    One phone call and all your passwords are changed and your data is again secure.   If your phone falls into the wrong hands, once they get a hold of your email, they can get any password for any service reset.  Scary thought.  


Have you ever had your smartphone turn up lost or stolen?  



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