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Remote Vs. Local Backup Solutions


The backing up of your data should be an essential part of every businesses routine. Unfortunately, many businesses do not properly back up their data. They only think about data backup when they have a computer crash or a spyware or virus infection. Unfortunately, when this occurs, it is already too late to do anything about the lost data. That is why it is imperative that every business have a backup plan in place.

Now, the question is should this data be stored locally or remotely? Both methods have pros and cons. Here we will look at a few of those pros and cons and help you try to decide which method best meets the needs of your company.

Local Data Backup Solutions

Local data backup solutions provide fast, cost effective storage solutions for small companies and are easy for even very inexperienced IT professionals to maintain. This data is usually stored on DVD or external hard drives. If data is lost, it is simply a matter of restoring the data from a a previous backup allowing the user to quickly return to work.

However, these backups are only as safe as the location they are stored in. What happens in the case of fire, storm damage, flooding or burglary? All of your data backups could be gone.

Remote Data Backup Solutions

Although remote backup solutions are a newer introduction to the world of backups, they have become increasingly popular as of late. With remote file backup services, your data and files are stored remotely, or off-site from the physical location of your business. With remote data backups, you are able to login to a remote drive through a web based interface and upload all of your data. This data is stored in a secure facility that is designed to protect it from harm. This increased security may provide you with much greater peace of mind that your data is safe.

Although this type of backup can provide the added security that you are looking for, there are potential drawbacks. For example, if your business is not operating with a high speed connection, a remote data backup can be a complete waste of time. There may also be issues with firewalls blocking uploads from certain ports.

Mixed Backup Solutions

Local and remote data backup solutions both have strengths and weaknesses that can make backing up your data a real headache. Given this, a mixed data backup solution may provide what you are looking for. By doing both local and remote data backups, you can get the benefits of both of these backup options.

If you are looking to learn more about data backup solutions for your company, let the experts at ACS help. We can help create a data backup plan that fits the unique goals of your business. For more information, or to talk with us, you can email ACS or give us a call at 877-404-8224 to discuss your data backup needs.




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