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Project management for small businesses


One of the things I’m most proud about in my business is my stackability to manage projects and not have a full-time or a dedicated project manager. We basically have me the owner in sales, we have what we call a dispatcher and so she makes sure that everything that should be getting done is getting done properly and the right people are getting the right workflow and nobody is getting overwhelmed. And, then we have my technicians and engineers who do the actual work.




We don’t have a product manager and when a project walks in the door, we set it up as best as we can and we manage it through a visual element of what we call board or the whiteboard. Well, it’s not the most efficient way and I think having somebody that’s keeping everybody on task is probably more efficient.  But, from a small business perspective, the visual element and the visual of having a whiteboard with everything we need to do and then talking about it daily allows us to manage complex projects and manage them without having to have somebody with an all-encompassing view of what’s going on and all of our minds come together.


So, I think if I could stress anything to my fellow business owners out there is visual elements of managing of your staff, putting it on a board, writing it out, looking at the dates, looking at work and thinking about the future that visual board is important. It keeps everybody on task and allows us to manage the small details that may drop through and not get taken care of.


So, do the board, put down what you need to do and talk about it with your staff. We do it daily at 8:30 AM at ACS.


I’m Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks for listening.




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