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New Apple Announcements -- What they Mean for You


iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (Photo credit: reticulating)

Earlier this week, Apple made several announcements that mean great things for your business.

Free iWork

Apple announced that iWork (which includes a word processor, spreadsheet & slide show app, along with iPhoto & iMovie), would be free on all new devices.   Free is good :).    If you haven't yet purchased an i Device, this might be a good time to make the plunge.   Especially with...

Biometric Security on the 5S

With biometric security on the iPhone 5S, you will be able to unlock your phone with just your fingerprint making doing work on your phone MUCH more secure than the 4 digit security code on your old phone -- if you had it activated at all.

Affordable iPhones

And finally, for those businesses who are run by Millionaires Next Door, there is finally an affordable iPhone option that is made of plastic instead of metal and is at a lower price point.  

Do any of these announcements make buying an iPhone or iPad more likely for you in the next 6 months?

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