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My Mouse is Hot


When working in computer support, you tend to get many odd requests for assistance. The following is one of my favorite stories.

I once received a call from a young lady who stated, “My mouse is hot.”. With over 25 years of working in computers, I had never heard of a mouse being hot. So, I dispatched a tech down to her office. As the tech walked into her office, he noticed an odd odor in the air and asked what that smell was. She stated, “I messed up my shoulder playing tennis yesterday and just put liniment on it.” He then asked her to touch her desk with the same hand and asked if that was hot. She said “Why, yes it is.” After stifling a deep need to laugh, he explained to her that the liniment was making her mouse hot.

When you stop laughing, remember that when you call your IT guy for assistance, think about any other factors that may be causing the issue or you may end up the subject of a blog.




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