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Knowing When To Upgrade


‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ or ‘Don’t reinvent the wheel’ are popular phrases in our society, where time is more valuable working on a new issue than changing a current design/ process. While this notion holds value in time sensitive-areas where improvement may not be possible or simply unnecessary, upgrading your IT infrastructure or computer applications are always essential. Far too often does the public learn of an exploit found in an outdated piece of software that allows intruders access to their valuable data. These exploits are one of two reasons you should always have up-to-date software and infrastructure: Support is the other reason. Some software, especially more specialized software can create challenges for your IT professionals to support. Simply put, your IT team can’t know every 3rd party software and version well; this is where having updated software with technical support comes into play. If you have support on all your software, your IT team will have the resources they need if an issue requires additional help.

Keeping your software and infrastructure up-to-date may be expensive, but not nearly as expensive as wasted time fixing an issue or being the victim of an exploit as the result of outdated software. Additionally, by keeping your software and infrastructure up-to-date you are helping to allow your IT team to provide you with the best possible service.

If you are looking for quality IT services to help keep your business up and running, contact ACS today. Our team of dedicated IT professionals can help you create an IT plan that protects your company if a disaster occurs.




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