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Is your password a triple-reinforced lock or a worthless security blanket?


Without two-factor authentication, your password probably isn't anything more than a clunky jumble of words and numbers that creates the illusion of safety. But with our help, you can forge a weak password into a full set of chainmail armor!

A password is just one tool out of many to safeguard your data and protect your identity. When combined with something you are or something you have, it becomes a powerful defensive weapon.

  • Something you have can be a USB drive, a key fob, or even a cell phone. The secondary device generates a one-time use code that verifies your identity in combination with your password
  • Something you are can be your face, your fingerprint, or another seamless biometric imprint

Multifactor tools can be the difference between flawless security for your entire office or a catastrophic data breach leading to lost time and revenue.

Integrate the tools that protect you and your business—improving productivity, increasing profitability, and eliminating downtime.

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