Is your “Bring Your Own Device” policy doing more harm than good? | IT solutions for businesses

Is your “Bring Your Own Device” policy doing more harm than good?



BYOD plans offer employees greater flexibility and the freedom to take their work far beyond their office cubicles, as well as reduced operating costs for business owners. But without a Mobile Device Management tool, BYOD policies could be putting your business at risk.

An “open door” BYOD policy that lacks proper management can bring unforeseen problems to your business, including:

  • Complicated employee turnover: When an employee moves on to another job, company data must be dealt with accordingly; which can cross some serious boundaries if they're using their own personal computer. This can be avoided by proper Device Management.
  • Lack of data security: A mismanaged BYOD policy is a security disaster waiting to happen: Proper management is essential to protect company data, as well as sensitive client and customer information.
  • Employee trust issues: Although this isn't necessarily a security risk to the business, a poorly run BYOD system can make employees uncomfortable: Not everyone wants to browse their personal social media sites with a computer their employer can access.

Make sure your technology plan is keeping everyone working with ACS.




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