If that computer deal at the big box store seems too good to be true, it probably is! | Managed IT Solutions For Businesses

If that computer deal at the big box store seems too good to be true, it probably is!


Those supped-up consumer PCs from big-box retailers may be tempting, but in the long run, their hidden costs add up. Wouldnt you rather have something tailored to your own unique needs? Here are just some of the superior features you can expect when you invest in a business-grade PC instead

  • Warranties you can count on: While most consumer-grade PCs offer useless 90-day warranties, our pro-grade models have you covered for 1-year minimum.
  • Pro-grade operating systems: Home operating systems and business systems are like oil and water (they don’t mix)—the pro version is a must for network functionality and security!
  • Superior design: Business PCs are designed with longevity in mind—unlike consumer models, which are all horsepower, no reliability
  • No useless bloatware: Since software companies are lining the pockets of consumer PC manufacturers, they often come with a wealth of useless programs that take up space and compromise security
  • Enhanced upgrade potential: While most big-box PCs have little to no upgradability, most business PCs are designed to make future updates quick and easy—keeping your business running efficiently year over year

Keep your business going strong day after day with business-grade equipment from ACS! (https://get.acsapp.com/)




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