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HP Laserjet m2727 all in one installation


Installing a laserjet m2727 all in one on a network to a windows 7 PC.  Sounds simple?  It should be, but of course it may not be, depending on what you did BEFORE you decided to install it! My client was in a rush to get some printing done.  So I did what I've done a thousand times before I installed the printer first intending to come back to install the other software for scanning later.  The printer installed no problem, we were printing within minutes.  However when I came back later I discovered that I could not install the scanner.  This is what I saw when running the installer provided to me by HP. "Network Installation Failed

The installer is unable to complete the network installation a this time. Please verify the following and try again: -your device and PC are connected to your network -all the setting you entered are valid -Firewall software is not interfering with your Install" I rebooted, I turned off firewalls, nothing helped.  So I started digging on the web.  I came across the post here  and found my answer. 

About half way down you will see a post from a genius called Ricknsa who proceeds to explain that the installer will hang IF the printer, printer driver, or printer port (not sure about that last one, but I biffed it anyway) are installed.  Then he proceeds to point you to the tool that allows you to actually remove all of this.   Because just deleting the printer doesn't do it...  The tool is called Print Manager, and can be found simply by clicking on the "start" button and typing in "print manager" (minus the quotes). Utilizing this tool I deleted every possible connection between the printer and the computer, ran the installer and enjoyed the sweet feeling of success.




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