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How to Keep Up on Social Media in an Hour a Week {Social Media Minute}


hootsuite-screenshot Most marketing experts say that social media is not something you can ignore, but as you probably know from using things like Facebook and Pinterest at home, it can be a real time sink.  So other than doing things like setting timers to keep you moving, how can you actively participate on social media without it taking all your time?    Here is a quick tip to keep up on your social media in less than an hour a week.


Yep.  Hootsuite.  Why?

  • Hootsuiteallows you to have up to 5 social media accounts for free.  Most small businesses cannot keep up with, nor benefit from more than 5 social media accounts.
  • You can schedule posts to all your social media locations at once -- you could schedule a whole week (or more!) worth of posts at once!
  • Hootsuite = less distraction.    How often do you login to Facebook and get sucked in by the drama of the minute?    Hootsuite allows you do skip all that by being in a much less intrusive interface. You can still see if people mention you or post on your wall, but you don't have to get past all the rest to do so.
  • You can stay on top of your social media interaction in just minutes a day.   Once I've scheduled social media posts throughout the week, I can stay on top of the interaction in no time at all by periodically going in to check it.   With Hootsuite's iPhone app, I set an alarm at 3 pm each day to personally retweet business tweets as well as check to see if anyone messaged or tweeted the company.

  How much time do you spend on social media?





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