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Having Hosted Exchange Is Not Just About Checking Your Email


  hosted-exchange-benefits Chances are, of all the things you use your computer for, email is the biggest. I read one statistic that said 70% of your business information is in your email.   Even if it's an exaggeration, it's easily one of the most important pieces of your business!   But having hosted exchange is NOT just about checking your email.

Archive Access

So you emailed Bob at SilverSmith Consulting about an issue you had a year ago.   And it's happening again.   You could call him, but you know you have the email in a folder somewhere.   But you are at home and have a different computer anyway.   No problem!  With hosted exchange, you can access all your email folders from the web or from your mobile device just like you were in Outlook on your office computer.

Easy Computer Upgrades

Are you still using Windows XP?    Or maybe your computer is just a little clunky and you are thinking of upgrading to a quicker machine.   I remember working at a corporate office and anytime I needed to get a new computer, saving and moving all my .PST files was a pain.   With hosted exchange, all your email archives, calendar and contact information is stored on the cloud.   Getting your email back the way you had it, is as easy as putting your settings back in Outlook.   How easy is that?!

Protected Data

Forget to back up your email files?   Or maybe more accurately, how in the world do you even find the files to back up your emails?   If you have hosted exchange, it doesn't matter.  Your data resides on your cloud-based exchange server.  It doesn't matter if your PC catches fire or your data back-up stops.   Well, as far as your email is concerned anyway.   Your data is automatically backed up and accessible from anywhere.


If you have an office with several people, you will also have access to each other's calendars within Outlook or the web (it doesn't work from mobile devices, unfortunately).  Need to meet with your engineer about a customer?   You can check his calendar for an available meeting time!   Or need to share a conference room?    You can set up a shared calendar for that, also.   What are your favorite features of exchange?    




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